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As to the Torsaud, not quite all the primary heraldic colors, it's missing green. The colors are as follows, as told to me by Baroness Gwyneth when Pepin and I got ours the same night (oh just a few years ago).

Black and gold for the Barony and Ansteorra
Black and White for Baron Bjorn.
Blue and White for Baroness Gwyneth
Red and Yellow for the Red Man over the River (the banner which has become the Namron War Banner, gifted to us by Baron Bjorn many years ago)
Then later, Purple in memory of Baroness Caitlin
Of course ALL of the colors for Baron Pepin who had motley on his arms (sort of, ask me for the story)
Red, White and Black for Baron Aethelstan
Blue Purple and Gold for Baroness Claryce
Blue and White for Baron Ulf
Blue and Gold for Baroness Maleah
Purple, Green and White for Baroness Muriel
and since Donnchadh has changed his arms recently, he'll have to tell you which ones are his.

As Aethelstan stated, I was the primary recipient of the Argent Fleur and mine is a little different. Mine is woven with 12 1/8th inch ribbons. Unless the hobbits have changed them, the Fleurs are traditionally woven with 3 blue and 3 white 1/4 inch ribbons.

Enough Namron trivia for tonight. I'm off to bed.

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  Bjorn started the Sable Storm and sometime (years) later we added the Torsade (which also means support cord in Old French, the twisted is New French). When we added the purple for Caitlin the Torsade has all the major heraldic colours and so works for any Baron or Baroness to hand out - Gwyneth
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