[Namron] narmon road trip...shoot em up

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Sun Jul 27 21:29:32 PDT 2008

m'lord Leonard wrote:
> if i could carpool with someone who lives around the Noble/Norman area
> i am interested in going. lol its the day after my bday. sounds like
> fun. 

If nothing else, you can ride with me.  I suggest we finalize a car list
at this coming Sunday's archery practice.

It seems that our little August 10th excursion has blossomed into a full
Northern Regional Archery and Chivalric practice.  To make it easier on
folks, I'm sure if anyone from Chemin Noir, Northkeepe, Skorragarðr, or
Moonschadowe can make it to Weisenfeuer or Namron, they can probably car
pool the rest of the way.

Bonwicke, Adlersruhe, and Brad Leah... same offer holds but that would
be a little counter productive!

I suggest the combat archers consider bring extra equipment as you will
likely have interest from folks who haven't tried it before.

Two weeks from today, see you all there.

Master Ulf
Namron Archery Marshal

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