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The Ram from the Barony's achievement is for Olaf, who carries a blue, red armed and orbed, rams head on his arms, :-)
  The Redman was for Bjorn (though his arms were black and white, he wore alot of red and yellow, :-), the mount of white Cinquefoils (sp) are For Gwyneth, :-)
Sæmundr inn skærr <saemundrthepure at gmail.com> wrote:
      I have been studying and reading Namrons history as brilliantly told (written) by Finnican.  I can not find further information about Olaf of Kharkov.  Particularly, I am curious about his "colors".  There was a discussion about the torsad earlier this month but I dont think in the list of Barons and Baroness', that his name was mentioned with his colors.  Could someone inform me?
  Thanks in advance.

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