[Namron] archery practice?

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Wed Jul 30 17:39:05 PDT 2008

Len Billett wrote:
> Im just wondering if and when archery practice for Sun Aug. 3  is
> going to be held?

At 3 p.m. as usual.  I will be able to stay out there a little longer
this weekend if necessary.

According to the tabular forecast on weather.gov for this Sunday at the
archery field, the temperature will be 96 degrees at 1:00pm, go up 2
degrees by 4pm, then drop back to 96 by 6pm.  The heat index is a couple
of degrees higher.  The wind will be around 10 mph with scattered

Given such a small change at any time point in the afternoon, I plan on
sticking to the regular schedule.

It is summer in Oklahoma. Folks should use common sense and drink plenty
of water, dress loosely, and put on sunscreen.  A straw hat makes a big
difference too.  If anyone does not feel up to a few hours outside then
they should stay home.  It is a fun hobby, not an earth-shattering

That being said, I'll see folks this Sunday.


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