[Namron] Happy Birthday Maleah!

Maleah baroness_maleah at cox.net
Sun Jun 1 20:25:21 PDT 2008

First of all I'd like to thank all who wished me blessings on my natal day. 
I spent the day being pampered and well fed and thus was not around the 
computer to see your messages until today. Gwyneth wins the prize for best 
card and as much as I love Ulfie's presents I have to confess Baroness 
Muriel wins best present. My son Adam wins second best for sending me 
flowers while in Iraq. No fair asking what Gwyneth and Muriel gave me except 
in person (you have to be able to see the faces that go with the stories). 
Jacqueline, I haven't forgotten your nefarious scheming either. And Bubba, 
you must have forgotten while in the wilds of the East, I always tell people 
who ask exactly how old I am either Anno Domini or Anno Societatis or 
persona age, take your pick. I believe in celebrating every single day I'm 
given and some of them twice!!! May you all be blessed on the anniversaries 
of your birth with as beautiful a day as I had this year (in whatever flavor 
suits you best).

Maleah (who is considerably younger than Ulf) 

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