[Namron] A Tiding of news.

terry wasson haturearn at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 14:11:56 PDT 2008

 On this date I would like all to help me rejoice in the news.
The Doctor returned with the news.
 They can no longer find any cancer in me.
After PET and CAT scan all results now show a good return to a healthy HAtur.
 It is with great tiding that I tell you all I'm Back.
So thank you all for your prayers and well wishes as this helped the most in my recovery.
I did not know so many cared as it was shown to me the few times I made events.
 So now the bad news is out how about a cook out to celebrate this return to health.
 I will let you know when and where asap or the Lady lets me out to  go play.


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