[Namron] Sing, shoot, fletch, and cookout in Namron

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Sat Jun 14 20:52:09 PDT 2008

On Sunday, June 22nd, we are planning an archery shoot-and-cook.

I'm showing up at noon, planning on sitting in the shade and doing some
bardic.  I'll probably be fletching some arrows at the same time, as
that latest order of shafts is in.  Any interested in learning some of
the old grand kingdom tunes are welcome to join me.

At 3, as usual, we will start shooting.  I haven't decided yet if we'll
try to get an IKAC in or just shoot an "ordinary" practice.

Two or three hours later, or maybe even earlier, we fire up the grills,
open the coolers, eat and sing some more.  Please feel free to join us
even if you don't want to shoot.

As a bonus, I plan on bringing my laptop out.  Many of you know that
Lord Ithrael has been taking digital pictures of us shooting.  There are
some great shots of arrows just hitting the target or just leaving the
bow.  These pictures also show some "bad habits" of our individual
shooting form.  Come take a look and see if you can spot something that
needs improving, like jerking your bow down or holding your arm at an
odd angle.

If you have questions before then, please contact me.  If you are
wondering what to bring, bring what you would eat and drink and maybe a
little something for those who forget to bring something.

Master Ulf, CAO
Namron Archery Marshal

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