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Maleah baroness_maleah at cox.net
Sat Jun 28 23:41:10 PDT 2008

Just a reminder, I will be collecting for the care packages going to Iraq at Populace meeting on Wednesday. Please bring something non-perishable and non-meltable to go in the box, remember the summer heat there is in the 120's. If everyone brings just one or two things apiece then we should have a really nice box to send. I have asked my son Adam to get me the name of someone he knows who isn't getting any mail from home and I was hoping the Barony might "adopt"  this soldier for their care packages. Drop me a note privately to let me know what you think of this idea.  Adam has also been instructed to "share" some of the things he isn't particularly fond of out of his packages. Some of the things that are in big demand are:

beef jerky (all flavors)
nuts and trail mixes (minus the chocolate ingredients)
eye drops
baby wipes
hand sanitizer
pop tarts (all flavors)
granola bars
cookies (no chocolate coatings but chips seem to make it fairly well)
Oreos (all flavors)
drink mixes (boxes of single servings, any flavor)
DVDs (any extras you have or stuff you don't watch anymore)
chex mix (any flavor)
gardetto mix (any flavor)
tuna lunch mix with crackers
canned meats
Cheeze its
Ritz bits (all flavors)
flavored crackers (individual packs) again all flavors
hard candies (nothing meltable)
books (no romance novels with graphic covers)
board games (all kinds)
cards and card games 
popcorn, pre-popped or bags for the microwave (all flavors) 
Pringles (all flavors)
gum (all flavors)

Orlando, if you can think of anything I've left out please add to the list.

Any and all help will be appreciated. 

See you Wednesday,
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