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"I'll be there!" says owner of shiny new drum.

Ummm...where is "there"?

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My lady and I are hosting two related but different classes/nights at
our house.  On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, starting at 7pm, I will be
giving a beginner Middle Eastern drumming class, and around 8pm we will
switch to a Bardic class.

The bardic portion, I believe, is intended to be a refresher on common
songs as well as some that were common years ago.  Many of these songs
have a "sing along" thing going for them.

The drumming portion will begin at the basics ("So, you bought a drum.
Here's how to hit it") and will focus on common Middle Eastern rhythms
and various drumming techniques.  For those with a Dumbek, please bring
them.  We have one or two extras as well, which can be used during the

I suspect the flavor of both classes will change depending on who shows
up and what they would like to do.  We don't intend to have a rigid
structure, but a relaxed and fun time.

We have some limited seating arrangements, so for outside drumming
bringing a chair would be a good idea.

Even though the notice is short for many, we will be holding these
classes tomorrow for those who can attend.  Please let us know if you
will be coming.

- --Michael
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