[Namron] Barony of Namron's Populace Meetings

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I agree.

We worked hard to recruit and we cannot afford to let our newcomers get lost
on day 1.  The weather should be nice enough we can meet under the Pavilion
or in the "grandstand" (I belive it is still there) at Andrews next to the


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Do you mean the one you scheduled for the Moore library or the one that 
you already have scheduled at the Norman library? If you are still 
having it at the Morre library who will you have miss the meeting so 
that they can sit at the Norman library to tell the new comers where you 
moved the meeting to?
Of course if you move the one at the Moore library to the park across 
the street, no on would have to miss the meeting to redirect pepople.
You also need to consider that if a newcomer cannot find us the first 
time out chances are that they will never come back.

Work hard,keep the ceremonies,live peaceably, and unite your hearts.


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