[Namron] Demo possiability

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Thu Apr 9 08:56:05 PDT 2009

For the one in April, I can probably take time off work for this, a Tuesday or Thursday is better for me but I need to know soon so because they are trying to set a couple of training days at work that might conflict.

I have my spinning stuff and the cards and wool.  I may have loom they can play on as well.  I'll know more about that after this weekend.

I may be able to do the same in May.


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> Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2009, 9:30 PM
> I have been contacted by a teacher from one of the Norman
> Middle Schools that was wondering if we could do a demo for
> her Social Studies class's.? They are currently studying
> the middle ages and she thought that if someone could come
> and talk to the classes it would be really great.? 
> it is only a two week curriculum, so she is looking for
> something between April 21st - 24th, likely from 8:30 -
> 1:30.? I work on those days, but I will see what i can do
> about getting some time off.? Is there anyone that is
> interested?and that would be able to do some type of
> presentation.? (she is VERY open; a day in the life,
> spinning, fighting, a lord and a lady, someone "dressed
> as a knight".?? 
> Please let me know ASAP if you are interested, so I can let
> her know. 
> Also, there is a school in Deer Creek that is looking for
> someone to come and talk to their classes as well,? That is
> all day, and is on May 8th. I have that day off, and was
> thinking about doing some basic dancing (as I knew that I
> could commit to that), but I was wondering if there is
> anyone else that would either be able to help (no need to
> know the dances now, I can teach them to you) or if they
> would be able to be there, and would be able to teach
> something else.? 
> PLEASE let me know if you think that you are going to be
> able to do either of these.? Or if you are interested...?? 
> Thanks!!
> Adena 
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