[Namron] Grass Fires in MWC area

Angela Green clarissima.dellachiesa at yahoo.com
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Siobhan and I met up with Andruhk and Sophia about 2am this morning. They stayed the night in Shawnee at my brother-in-law's home (the Jolly Roger Gunn) and took off early this morning to see the house.

House made it through the night but reeks of smoke.
They have packed a few more items just in case, but are hopeful that the worst is over in their neighborhood.
 Clarissima della Chiesa 

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Has anyone heard anything more about Andrunk & Sophia (David & Donna)?  Are they ok?

Lady Jacqueline Reynolds

On Apr 9, 2009, at 10:28 PM, Kimberly Cornelius wrote:

> I just spoke with Siobhan who says that Lorenzo and Antionia are
> packed and ready to evacuate if necessary.  Andrukh and Sylvia (David
> & Donna) are on their way back from Tulsa but Siobhan was able to get
> important things out of their house.  A school less than a mile from
> their house is burning now, she said.  Siobhan & crew are now leaving
> the area.  She reports that in addition to all the really important
> stuff she grabbed a box of garb for them.  She also said she looked
> for Andrukh's scribal supplies but didn't find any.  You know you're
> in the SCA when your friends are willing to break into your house to
> save your important stuff AND possibly risk their lives to save your
> garb.
> All those I know that live or were in the area are safe and accounted
> for.  Who else lives there?
> -Muriel
> On 4/9/09, Chris McKinley <chrsmckinley at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Let's keep our thoughts and prayers with those in the Midwest City area
>> tonight.  The grass fires there have already destroyed many homes..  Those
>> who have phone numbers of family and friends out that way, please check up
>> on them to see if they are safe, need a place to stay, food, or whatever.
>> Chris
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