[Namron] An invitation to Barbariana Brawl 09

William Herron fitzbubba at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 10:32:48 PDT 2009

I'm not sure if this posted to the entire mailing list, or to just me.
 (Usually, I see a [Namron] prefix when it's a mailing list posting.)
So I'm reposting it just in case I'm the only one who got it.

The event date is July 24th-26th.  That's the opening weekend of
Pennsic, and the "Winter" Collegium in Westgate (Houston).


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From: Lady Tree Nic An Cuana <ladytree53 at yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 12:24 PM
Subject: An invitation to Barbariana Brawl 09
To: fitzbubba at gmail.com

We would like to invite the Barony of Namron to join us at Barbarian
Brawl this year.  It is being held on the western line of our Kingdom
of Gleann Abhann  and we thought it would be a good chance for us to
start to share and enjoy events along the bordered of our two

Barbarian Brawl flyer is up and running for viewing.  Come one come all!
It will be at the Very Lovely Camp Clearfork in MT. Ida, AR. not  to
far from  the OK. border.
Link to flyer:

for more information contact autocrat at:
skyfirexp at yahoo.com
Lord Anton Fortunio
mka Hector

sent by:
Lady Ronnat ingen Cuana of Tir iogh
known as Lady Tree
Chatelaine of Barony of Small Gray Bear
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

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