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As you can see, this will not be a competition.  It will be more along the lines of Laurel's Prize.  So please encourage your artisans to bring their pieces and  documentation and get commentary.


Now that the Laurel's Circle is cancelled, I will be there.  I plan to spend the day visiting with Artisan's and would be happy to consult on documentation, as I am told mine "doesn't suck".  I'll even try to remember to bring some samples of documentation along for folks.  


I will also post to the Laurel's list so we can get as many Laurels as possible to do feedback.  It is REALLY tough sometimes when LPT is held in the south for our northern artisans to travel, so let's make this a mini northern LPT.



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It is open to anyone who wants feedback on any piece they are currently working on there will be no winner or prize so i see no reason to restrict the field.  I sugested haveing it as a way for people to have there work looked at by experianced people.  That way they could apply any suggestions that were given before the next competion.  

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