[Namron] (off topic) Real life jobs. Specifically PHP and Drupal

Michael Graff explorer at flame.org
Thu Apr 16 13:15:40 PDT 2009

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I'm sorry for the off-topic post.

I spoke with a few people at scribal night about some positions we are
looking into at my place of employment.  While there are not always
specific positions, we are looking to replace our current contracted web
developer.  I don't know the details (such as if we are seeking another
contractor or a hire) but would love to pass resume up to HR.

We're also quite bad at making job descriptions, so here's what I'd like
to see in such a person:

	* Knows how to code in PHP
	* Knows Drupal well enough to write custom code for it
	* Knows shopping cart software, and integrating it
	  into Drupal.
	* Knows Paypal's "paypal pro" API.
	* Ability to listen to requirements, and express realistic
	  time lines to implement them.
	* Knowledge of Apache.
	* SugarCRM knowledge is a plus.

If you are interested please respond to me off-list.  I am acting sort
of as a pre-filter for the hiring manager here.

- --Michael
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