[Namron] Populace Meeting Notes, 21 Apr 09

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Thu Apr 23 09:54:02 PDT 2009

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Deputy Seneschal


Populace Meeting - 4/21/09
Amphitheater, Andrews Park, Norman

Starts at 7:45pm.

B&B – Baroness present, Baron is in the Steppes visiting

Herald – position opens for applications after Beltane, apply now,

Sending in a heraldic submission package (names and devices)

Need people’s devices for the baronial Web site

Treasurer – $7,094 after paying for tent;

Circulating list for Beltane gate sign-up.  If you sign up for a
shift, please show up for your shift.

Stepping down after Beltane, please apply if you are interested.

A&S – Jacqueline speaking for Veronique,

Lots of things to do:
1st Tuesday, Caligraphy
Last Tuesday, Painting
Every Wednesday, Fiber Arts, 7pm at Hasting in Norman
2nd and 4th Wednesday, Belly Dancing class at Sonder Music
2nd and 4th Thursday, drumming class at Michael & Droen’s house
2nd Monday, A&S night at Barat & Jacqueline’s house
3rd Thursday, embroidery class at Melisande’s house
Most Tuesdays, Rapier fighting at Cat & Orlando’s house
2nd & 4th Sundays, Cooks Guild at Tadgh’s house
Most Sundays, Chivalric, archery & thrown weapons
[dates may change starting in June due to Baronial meeting date
changes…see below…Bubba]

Chronicler – all well, as things change in the Barony, or if you have
stories or songs to publish, please email them to him.
ithrael at gmail.com

Knights Marshall – Jacqueline speaking for Loemax

Loemax is the new Baronial Knights Marshall, fighter practice will be
combined with Wiesenfeuer and be held near 89th and Santa Fe in
Oklahoma City.

Sir Owen has given Loemax more plastic barrels to make more loaner gear.

Rapier Marshall – 4 people at Sunday practice, Tuesday practice is
currently having 8-15 people attend.

Archery Marshall – Jacqueline speaking for Ulf

Grand Assembly of Archers event planned for September, multi-group
event with Wiesenfeuer.  All organized/scheduled activities will be
only archery related.

Hospitaler – stepping down after Beltane, please apply if you are interested.

Web Minister – Jacqueline Speaking for Ulf

Email Ulf with any information for Web site.  Ex. Devices, e-mail
addresses, class information, etc.   vs_namron at ansteorra.org

Beltane Autocrats – youth boffer equipment needed for event

There will be a tavern brawl

Sign up sheets being passed around for different things like set-up,
clean up, marshalling, etc.

Adena doing games and gift baskets, Need donations for baskets. Gaming
theme (e.g. “cool dice” or period games)

Baronial A&S, Bardic, Archery, Brewing and Thrown Weapons Champions
will all be chosen at Beltane.

Medieval Fair post-mortem – new location was good, good pageantry,
period tents, and hospitality point.  Lousy weather on Sunday, but
everyone pulled together.  Thanks to all the volunteers.

Things for next year:  no one was assigned to coordinate A&S on
Friday, A&S needs to be closer to the opening for traffic, the
different displays need to be spread out through the camp for traffic

35 people signed the “want to know more” sheet at the Information booth.

Needed a work day to repair baronial equipment

Seneschal – May 6th populace meeting will be at the Norman Public
Library in the Lowry room.

Protectorate is tentatively set for the Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp in
Cleveland (E-Ko-Wah was not available)

Officer’s meeting on 4/19/09:

Populace Meetings will change in June.  1st Tuesday of each month
(6/2/09) will be the business meeting held at the Unitarian
Universalist church on Boyd Street in Norman.  A hat-passing will be
done to determine what “rent” we pay to the church.  This should be a
“permanent” location.

2nd Monday of each month (6/8/09) will be an A&S meeting to be held at
Barat and Krista’s house in Moore.  Meeting site may change as needed
for other projects, but those changes should be known far enough in
advance to publish in the Plume, the mailing list, the Web site, etc.

For anyone who misses the Populace meeting, unofficial meeting notes
will be posted on the website, in the Plume and on both the Namron &
Skorragardr mailing lists.

Closed at 8:45pm

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