[Namron] Trade for Arrows?

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovvek pookyloves at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 22:42:33 PDT 2009

>  hello all,,,i am wondering if any one would trade a "custom made to your
> desires" quiver, for a dozen period target arrows....if so contact me.
>                                                      Halldor

{... steps forward from the shadows and into the camp's fire light}

"I Would Say my good lady and I were recently humbled by the level of
craftsmanship, artistry and over attention to detail embodied in a
piece of leather art Halldor did make for her which we received at med

In regards to this mans talents with leather and tool, no fault can be
found and only praise will be garnished.

Speaking as a devout mercenary of House Wolfstar and a profiteer
holding only limited liability in proceeds garnished from Poppa
Pookie's Plentifully Pleasurable Procurement emPorium <in direct
competition with All Less Sandy's Dune farm and goat herders inc.> I
can confirm a deal of a quiver made to your specifications by Halldor
would be of a value comparable to, at least, 3 times what would fill

I am very happy to have this reason to speak highly of Halldor,
The Pookiness

{... Stays at the fire's side for the mead}"

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