[Namron] Beltane info needed and given

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovvek pookyloves at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 21:17:05 PDT 2009

MhM! YAY BELTANE !!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be an accomplished 16 year old horse rider at Beltane that
is wondering if there will be horses at Beltane. Maybe an opportunity
to get authorized?

Lord Giles Wiley is presently being convinced by his dear Lady wife to
hold/run/do a 15-30minute magic show to entertain children (of all

I have 2 confirmed for the seneschalette class: Lord Giles Wiley and
Lady Sybil Strangeways.

Love and Respect,
Pooky -
Namron's Seneschal Certified/Baron and Baroness Approved Beltane
Accessibility Liaison Coordinator
Camp Da-Ka-Ni Site Steward's Functionality Assessment Specialist
Department of Information's Executive Vice Council regarding
Attainment and Dispersal Policies, Procedures and Protocols (as it
pertains to the written word)
Critical Event Incident Prevention Director
Crisis Intervention Trained Consultant
Mandated Threat of Intoxication/Inebriation Skilled Test Dummy and Proxy
President, Senior Fellow and Member in Good Standing of the all
inclusive organization known affectionately as "Laisez le bon temp
Executive Member of The Ansteorran Swim Team (with card carrying
signing privileges, authorized and bestowed by Honorable Lord Grimhun
Hroth) when the creek don't run dry...

in short,

Post Scriptum: Hmmm.... with off the cuff licensure, certification and
registration like that, I wonder why I wonder why nobody ever messes
with me.?.

Respect your creation, love me and be then healed. A grand plan done
in a simple way.
-- Pookspeare

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