[Namron] Seneschal and Reeve warranting class

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Wed Apr 29 07:05:36 PDT 2009

Actually email works fine.  However please send any official correspondance to the seneshal's email address at northern_seneschal at ansteorra.org.  Please include the application form and a copy of your photo id and membership card.

HE Ainar Magnusson
NR Seneschal
---- Jennifer Couch <okwldflwr at gmail.com> wrote: 
> HE Ainar
> I am very interested in taking both the Seneschal and the Reeve warranting
> classes at Beltaine.  I am also applying for the seneschal position for the
> Canton of Skorragardr and wanted to know if email is appropriate
> correspondence for sending in the application or if US mail is preferred.
> Lady Antonia de la Fuente
> Herald of Skorragardr

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