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Wed Apr 29 08:03:04 PDT 2009

Morning Len

Hopefully some others will chime in but to get you started I can answer a
few of these.  I would assume that the competition will be Sat.. however
there are so many marshals in the area that I would suspect that you will
find the archery range open quite a bit, possibly even Sunday.

Admission fees are for both SCA and NON, but non members pay a $3 Non member
fee on top of the normal site fees.

I would suspect you will find loaner gear since  Vincenti has brought his
out to practice regularly. (just a guess)

Whether you camp or not you pay the site fee.  Every person attending pays
the fee, just as I explained before.. non members pay three dollars more.
But you only pay it once.. when you arrive.  Its not a daily fee

Lord Lorenzo

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Len Billett <lordleno666 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>   well i will def. be going to Beltane, but just a few things I need to
> know. Is the archery on both Sat. and Sun? Is the admission fee for both SCA
> members and non or just non SCA members. And if i want to take part in
> thrown weapons I can bring my own spear but alas I have no knives or
> throwing axes of my own.. will there be some loner gear? And if you camp
> there to you pay the admission fee only once or everyday. just a few
> questions I had.
> *Len Billett*
> --
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