[Namron] Weisenfeuer Combined Archery Practice Grub-and-Garb

Robert Atwood rob at mummersguild.com
Wed Aug 12 20:18:16 PDT 2009

Greetings unto the fabled Archers of Namron!

Our comrades-in-arms in Weisenfeuer have invited us to a combined  
practice on Sunday, the 23rd of August at the archery range at Camp Da- 
Ka-Ni at 1:00 in the afternoon.  They will be bringing hamburgers and  
hot-dogs and grilling them for us, and ask only that we provide side  
dishes (chips, salads, desserts, etc).

There should be at least one royal round shot, so for those of you who  
need one (and who doesn't) this is a great chance to get an away score  
without even having to go very far afield!

There will also be Light and Heavy Weapons practice, so no one will be  
left out!  We had a great time with the combined practices last year,  
and I'm really looking forward to this one.  Also, this is a great  
chance for those within our fine barony to get in some extra practice  
and size up some of the competition for the soon-to-be-hear Grand  
Assembly of Archers!

Hopin' ta see you there,

Robert o' the Faire

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