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Fri Aug 14 17:36:30 PDT 2009

THere's been a discussion of kingdom differences on the Lochac mailing

Geynfor Lwyd came up with this handy guide:

It's fairly easy, if you use christian sects as examples.

West = Western Patriarchy (Roman Church)
East = Arian heresy
Atenveldt = Coptic
An Tir = Lutheran
Calontir = Exclusive Brethren
Meridies = Anabaptist
Lochac = Anglican (Episcopalian, with NZ being closer to
Anglo-Catholic and Australia closer to low Anglican)
Atlantia = that snake handling church (have you seen how they do
peerage polls...?)
Ealdormere = Atheist
Middle = Agnostic
Outlands = Charismatics
 - Gwynfor

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