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Now this comes complete with church secretaries printing up copies to be handed out to our soon to be defeated enemies of, "I Surrender All".  Sung in harmony or whatever distress is being felt at that time.

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Southern Baptist, complete with thu singin' of thu chior as we prePARE
ourselves for WAWR against thu enemies of our LAWD! (or king or baron).
Can I get a Vivat?

(closed caption for the humor impaired)

On Fri, 2009-08-14 at 19:36 -0500, mikea wrote:
> THere's been a discussion of kingdom differences on the Lochac mailing
> list.
> Geynfor Lwyd came up with this handy guide:
> It's fairly easy, if you use christian sects as examples.
> West = Western Patriarchy (Roman Church)
> East = Arian heresy
> Atenveldt = Coptic
> An Tir = Lutheran
> Calontir = Exclusive Brethren
> Meridies = Anabaptist
> Lochac = Anglican (Episcopalian, with NZ being closer to
> Anglo-Catholic and Australia closer to low Anglican)
> Atlantia = that snake handling church (have you seen how they do
> peerage polls...?)
> Ealdormere = Atheist
> Middle = Agnostic
> Outlands = Charismatics
>  - Gwynfor

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