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Thu Aug 27 23:05:00 PDT 2009

With the changes happening to our canton, our beloved Skorrgardr. I believe it will soon have it's fill of officers and the membership will bounce back even larger than it will before. Most of this is due to our EXCELLENT Seneschal, but everyone is working to achieve or goal of growth. I will once more be active and had planned on submitting my application for two of the vacant posts. I planned on doing this this coming Sept. meeting, but the mundane world got in my way and I was shot with a .45 caliber, hollow-point bullet. If the doctors say it is okay to get off my back I will return. This also kinda ruined my birthday and wedding anniversary. You might say my celebration plans were shot. No fun spening both in a hospital room.
 Back to what i began, our proud little canton (with the exceptional guidance of our MOST Excellent Baron and Baroness) I truly believe that The Dream will not only live on in our canton, it will be bigger and better than ever and all the Known World shall hear echoes of both the war cry and the music and know it comes from our beloved Skorrgadr.
May our Excellencies, Our Seneshal and the name of Namron live in the hearts and minds of Ansteorra forever.
Cormac The Black IS BACK

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