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Centurion Uriangqadai centurionorion at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 21:35:17 PDT 2009

Forwarded by request from our friends in Vatavia

Greetings Ansteorra!!!

The Tournament of Valor XXX is only 4 days away! It looks to be an amazing
event, with people coming from across Calontir, and from neighboring
Site officially opens at 5:00 pm this Friday the 4th. Now, for those wanting
to get on-site earlier, anyone that comes out and lends a hand with Valor
set-up can also find their camping space/set their camp early. Crew and
staff will be on site by 9:00 AM and we'll be doing set-up all day. Site
closes Monday the 7th, at 12 noon.

There is so much going on at Valor XXX, it's hard to put it all in one
message, but here goes:
The 30th Valor Tournament - Gladiator Tournament - Melees - Gueardian of
Valor Tourney - Valor Archery Tourney - Thrown Weapons - Adult & Youth
Archery - A&S Competitions - Laurel's Road Show - RUSH Classes - Courtly
Ball - The Champagne Players - Bardic Competition - Equestrian Tourney &
Activities - And there's the rumor of Sumo Wrestling and Mongol Casino on

There is much new information on the Valor web-site concerning Equestrian
Activities, Fighting and much more, plus get a look at the Roman Gladius
that is the prize for the winner of the Gladiator's Finale. So please have a
look at: http://valor.baronyofvatavia.org/

For those that have perhaps not heard, there are 2 gentles being elevated to
Peers at Valor XXX. Master Glendour is to be elevated to the Order
of Chivalry, and Baroness Gillian Warrender is to be elevated to the Order
of the Laurel. An Arts & Science Road Show will be on display near HE
Gillian's vigil tent.

The Laurel's Road Show & Discussion will be happening on Saturday morning,
with Laurels from across Calontir in attendance to discuss and advise people
one-on-one about on their current or past A&S projects. When else can you
sit and talk so candidly with a Laurel on your own work? If you've any
questions, please contact Mistress Fionnuala at: lonemuse2 at aol.com

Speaking of the Arts & Sciences, the A&S Competition are:

   - Tournaments in Any Medium - Anything having to do with, depicting, or
   used in, tournaments. Entries will be judged in two categories,
   Two-Dimensional (illumination, embroider, etc.) and Three-Dimensional
   (wood-working, armor, garb, etc.).
   - Brewing - Be it ale, mead, or wine, bring your best.

Info about pets was inadvertently left off the website. Pets are indeed
welcome, so long as they are on leashes or in runs.

Merchants are welcome, and there is no merchanting fee. Merchants may come
on site early for set-up, starting at 12:00 noon on Friday. Period merchants
may set-up behind the hall, while we ask that merchants with more modern
tents or shades set up at the front, to help maintain the medieval feel of
the event.

In service,
Lord Corrigan Mackenzie
Event Steward
Tournament of Valor XXX

Centurion Uriangqadai

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