[Namron] Namron Populace Meeting, 02 Feb 10

William Herron fitzbubba at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 07:23:55 PST 2010

A reminder that the populace meeting for hte Barony of Namron (which
will include the polling for the Baron and Baroness of Namron) will be
held on Tuesday evening, 02 Feb 10, at 7:30pm at the Norman Unitarian
Universalist Fellowship, 1309 W. Boyd Street in Norman (73069).  The
MapQuest link to the Fellowship is at http://bit.ly/80lGJo.

Remember to bring proof of membership if you wish to be polled as a
member.  Remember that residents of the Canton of Skorragardr are also
residents of the Barony of Namron.  Remember that you do not have to
be a member to do the polling.  And remember that you do not have to
be a resident of Namron/Skorragardr to do the polling.

And somewhere in all of this, we'll have a populace meeting.


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