[Namron] Norman Mardi Gras Parade

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Mon Feb 8 14:26:13 PST 2010


This Saturday Feb. 13, the City of Norman will be having a Mardi Gras  

If you would like to march, all you need to do is wear garb and meet  
us in Norman on Saturday. The parade will kick off at 6:45 p.m. from  
the Santa Fe Depot on Main St. in Norman’s Historic Downtown Arts  
District. The theme of the parade is  "“All You Need Is Love"”.

We will be a "walking unit" like we were at last years parade.  The  
weather is supposed to be in the mid 40's for the high, so dress warm  
if you plan to attend.  In addition, there will be free parking at the  
city lot on the south side of Gray Street between Peters and Crawford  
avenues, a half block from the route.

I have also asked Cat to post this information to the Weisenfeuer  
list, in case any members of their Populace would like to join us at  
the parade.

This will be a good opportunity to do some recruitment and for the SCA  
to get some positive exposure.  If you are interested in attending,  
please shoot me an e-mail @ jacqueline.reynolds.namron at gmail.com or  
let me know via the list.

Is anyone out there interested in taking on the responsibility of  
obtaining Mardi Gras beads for us to throw at the crowd?  If so,  
please let me know ASAP.


Lady Jacqueline

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