[Namron] all the known world 's a stage....

a a princeisabitteroldman at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 8 15:22:19 PST 2010

...so let's try putting on a play.Anybody interested in doing Shakespeare's Scottish play?I've been thinking about this for a while so finally I'm taking the first step:if you think you might like to do Shakespeare please e-mail me back.I'm not sure how we'll do it;I don't know that I'll ask everyone to memorize lines.I may just have some of the company use the books,though I hope I can get a little more from those who do the larger roles.At this point,I'm not really looking for EXPERIENCED actors,just some people willing to make a little effort.I'd like to do the show at an event some time.I probably wouldn't plan on having many rehearsals.I live in Wiesenfeuer but I'd be happy to have some people who live elsewhere,if there were willing to make the effort.
 One reason I decided to mention this now is that I already began memorizing the title role;I've heard there's a local theatre that is going to do the show next season and I'm hoping to get the role then but if not,I'd  like to do it for SOMEONE.I'm thinking too of doing more shows in the future if the interest is there and then I'll be willing to give lead roles to someone else.
 SO....if you might be interested,please let me know...


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