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Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 08:55:17 PST 2010

Although the brewing day has been postponed we still need many willing 
hands to work on the tent poles. Baron Donnchadh is opening up his 
house, garage, and shed so that we can work on them and stay dry!

All of the poles have been cut to length and tent pins have been put in 
the top of them. We have 20 poles that are sanded and ready to be sealed 
and stained for the Kingdom Pavilion. We have another 50 that need to be 
sanded and stained also.

Please bring belt and palm type sanders if you have them, if not come 
anyway, we will have some extra sanders and paint brushes for people. 
The more people we have the more we can get done. We will also be able 
to move the Kingdom trailer outside to give us more room in the shed for 
everyone to work!

Start time: 9:00am
Location: Baron Donnchadh's, 3101 SW 124th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73130
End time: When we get done

Afterwards ... Donnchadh has invited everyone to relax and have a party 
to celebrate getting all of the work done!

For more information or directions please e-mail or call either 
Donnchadh or myself.

Shameless Plug time.... This is the LAST day for pre-registration for 
Gulf War! If you think you might be going, register and send your 
information for camping to Donnchadh for land with Namron. If your plans 
later make it impossible to attend, refunds are done up until March 1st.


Cell: 361-6761

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Due to the weather this weekend (rain is expected) we will have to 
postpone brewing for Beltane. Brewing in the rain is not something I 
ever want to do again, much less when the temp is expected to be in the 40s.

We will reschedule soon.

Master Barat FitzWalter Reynolds, O.L.
Barony of Namron, Kingdom of Ansteorra

Stephen D. Pursley
1333 Ann’s Place
Moore, OK 73160

master.barat at gmail.com
(405) 420-1382

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