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My valiant and brave friend. Not many could bear the burden you have without falling to pieces. I would rather face a grizzly bear with a stick than face your dilema. You are truly one of the bravest men I have ever met. Of course, mine and my wife's prayers are with you and I hope you don't mind that I have you on our church's prayer list. May God watch over you and lay his healing hands upon you. Ofr course I will be following your progress through Ara's updates. Again, you show the bravery and courage of a Spartan.




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Greeting All
  An update on my health is ,
I start with surgery n my lungs next week. this is to take out the cancer that is there.
3 to 4 weeks recovery and then we are moving on to the next step.
 The cancer in my tongue is at the base and is deep so I expect this to be a complete removal of my tongue.
  So if you wish to hear my voice again call me at 405 567 3053 8am till 8pm
If thing go south does  anyone wish to be notified , let me know as I am starting a contact list.
After surgery all report will come from Ara on Face book.
  We will let all know the hosp. and room number for future contact.
Wish me luck and say a word for me in your prayers.
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