[Namron] Namron Bardic Circle Tomorrow (Thursday)

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If you hate story tellers, this is a good place to come so you can show them how to do it right. If you thought it would be fun to be a bard, but you can't sing, this is a good chance to learn.  If you are a great song writer or singer, but want to diversify your skills, come learn the basics of story telling. 

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Pray, come one and all... all bards, aspiring, inspiring, or retiring, are welcome!
A story-telling clinic will be given by our very own Ld. Lucas, Premier Bard of Ansteorra... If you are planning to skip a bardic practice, this would NOT be the one to miss!  
Droen and Griffen are still away (and our thoughts and prayers go with them), so practice will once again be had at the Hacienda of Señor Lorenzo and Señora Antonia.  I have blatantly stolen the address and directions from Lorenzo's earlier missive:
121 SE 27th, Moore, Oklahoma 73160

You can find a google map below:

Make your best way to 19th street and I-35 in Moore.  Go east to Broadway and turn right.  Go south to the first addition PAST Eastern (The Clubs) and turn left on 27th street.  Continue past 5 houses on the left. We are the sixth house.  

Chordially yours,
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