[Namron] Populace Meeting notes, 06 Jul 10

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Deputy Seneschal


Populace Meeting - 7/6/10
Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Starts at 7:44pm.

Baron – Her Excellency is home sick and sends her regards.  June was
an awesome month.  We had a great Garb and Grub (G&G).  Several of the
officers are changing…please welcome the new ones.

Treasurer – appx. $9,700 in funds.

Herald – My office is now open for applications…closes at the end of
the August populace meeting.  I also need help with heraldry at Crown
Tournament this weekend.

Chronicler – “Oh Crap!”  Ithrael did the July Plume, so August will be
my first one.

A&S Minister – Droen is our soon-to-be new A&S Minister…we expect an
official decision soon.  The postponed class on appliqué will be held
on Sunday, 7/12/10 at Donnchadh and Katheryn’s house starting at
7:30pm.  The Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium will be held on
Saturday, 7/31/10 in Oklahoma City.

Rapier Marshal – we’ve been studying Swiss-5 options.  As the rapier
champion for last month’s G&G, I get to choose the format for this
month’s competition.  We’ll be using cloaks for our fighting.

Baron – since it keeps coming up…the July G&G will be held on Sunday,
7/25/10 at the Norman Masonic Lodge from noon to 4pm.  We have the
site until 5pm, so we’ll have time to clean up afterwards.

Knights’ Marshal – (Orlando for Alexander)  Bad day at work, so I
can’t make it tonight.  Fighter practices are going well.

Hospitaler – I’m building a press kit that we can share with
newspapers, television, etc. when they visit our events.  I’d like to
have the boilerplate for the different offices, any pictures that
people can share (must be released for use), etc.

Archery Marshal – I need loaner arrows for Grand Assembly of Archers
(GAA).  We’re having a good time at practices.

Thrown Weapons Marshal – practice on first and third Sundays of the
month.  Skorragardr’s Axeman event in October will include their
thrown weapons championship.

Web Minister – “You see, there are some zeroes, and then there are
some ones…”  I’m less behind than I was before.

Seneschal – This is my last meeting as seneschal.  (Bubba:  “Yay!”
It’s my last one, too.)  We sent three applications forward to the
regional seneschal, and I should hear his choice soon.  GAA will be
held at Dakani, as well as Protectorate.

Baron – I have two of my three champions from the June G&G here.  We
had a great turnout…as many people from Eldern Hills and Northkeep as
we had from Namron.  There will be a regional fighter practice in
Northkeep on Saturday, 7/24/10, so we will encourage people to go to
the practice on Saturday and then join us at G&G on Sunday.  Crown
Tournament is this weekend in Stillwater…we’re the hosting group.
Lady Faoil from Wiesenfeuer will be coordinating the lunch
sideboard…please see her and volunteer to bring food.  We’ll be at
Phread the Shed on Thursday, 7/8/10 at 6pm to load out stuff for the
trip to Stillwater.  King’s Round Table will be held next weekend in
Fort Worth.  There will be a planning meeting for GAA on Thursday,
7/22/10 at Linus’ house starting at 7pm.

Ceridwen – I’m now on the board of directors for Oklahoma Camp Fire.
We’re having a work day at Camp Cimarron on August 14th and 15th.
Please come out and help, and bring your tents for staying over on
Saturday night.

Terric – I have plums!  Get them now.  The wildlife has pretty much
gotten what’s left on my trees.

Maleah – we’ll do a garb and fabric swap after the August populace
meeting.  Ulf and I are moving about a mile away from where we
currently live.  I have Adam’s address if anyone wants to write him or
send goodies.

Meeting ended at 8:29pm.

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