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As a person with utmost respect for the warriors of Ansteorra, including the one that I'm wife to, an avid waterbearer, a spectator, and a paying entrant, I think it sucks.

I think it would be healthier for everyone if we had been inside that spacious and gloriously air conditioned hall. As several people commented, all of our pavillions and the field would have fit inside the hall and we would have had a lot less people needlessly affected by the heat.

I recall a statement made not long after Sir Thomas spoke in favor of our traditions. I remember the Kingdom Chiurgeon commenting that if he had been alerted to Sir Thomas' condition two minutes later, he would have had to call an ambulance.

Two minutes.

I respect Sir Thomas' opinion, but I absolutely disagree with the idea of continued fighting under these conditions. As my husband just stated, it's not a 'tough man' contest, and safety should always come first.

I understand that most of the twenty- something (?) entrants were happy to fight in the heat, but I urge them (and any future summer event autocrats) to consider the people who come out to support our warriors, of which I am one. Please let us gather inside when the heat is at it's worst.

-Rose the Obnoxious

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Greetings good Ladies and Gentles!

I wanted to share a story from Crown Tourney.

The battle between Duke Ulsted and Sir Tomas had lasted for 1/2 hour in the sun and both combatants were feeling it. Duke Ulsted struck a blow to the head of Sir Tomas who promptly called the shot and went down. It then became evident that Sir Tomas was suffering from heat exhaustion and we had to help him to up the hill to the air conditioned hall. Sir Tomas was so weak he was hardly walking at all and was mostly carried.

Once in the hall his gear having been removed and cool clothes placed on him to cool him down a few people started talking about the heat. A couple of people talked about how it was too hot outside and that the tourney should be moved inside somehow. Up to this point Sir Tomas had just started to get some color back and had hardly spoken and was still doing good just to sit where he had been placed when we brought him in.

Sir Tomas raised his head up and spoke clearly and said

"No, this is Ansteorra and we fight outside!"

Wow, talk about a warrior and a fighter! Even after having to withdraw from the fight he still wanted to keep the traditions alive and loved the way things are done in this great kingdom!

My hat is off to all of those that competed in heat this weekend for the right and honor to be our next King and Queen.


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