[Namron] Story from Crown Tourney

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These sound great.  However, I don't know how often we would actually use them in this kingdom for tournament fighting.  In general, either our weather is mild enough to allow fighting outdoors (most tourneys are spring or fall), or there just isn't an indoor facility large enough available.  Also, I don't know how much these would cost, although it might be worth looking into.  It certainly would enable groups to expand options for fighter practice if we could show that we wouldn't damage the floors.


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There is a solution to this, and it's in use in Calontir.  There are 
industrial-type pieces of tough foam floor padding about 2' square with 
puzzle-piece edges.  All pieces are the same size and shape, and every 
fighter has one or two of them and every group has a bunch.  I've 
watched those pieces used for an indoor tournament and for indoor 
fighter practices - they protect the floor very well and, when assembled 
correctly, they present no edges that will catch your foot.

  Miles Grey

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