[Namron] Anyone interested in putting together a new pop list?

Michele Atwood shell.atwood at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 00:11:20 PDT 2010

I could easily put together a Namron-specific census questions with  opt
outs  on various pieces of information. Such a directory could tie into and
update our website, as well as provide a paper-based membership directory
that would be nominal in costs. I think for such a project to be truly
helpful, we may need to take the temperature of the  populace regarding
perhaps an officers only version that might contain additional information.
I personally have no difficulty with my officers have more of my personal
information than I would give  out in general. I would be willing to work on
such a project, but I can easily see it working well with a team as well if
there are others interest.





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Interesting... I don't have time to take this on, but it sounds like a
worthy project.  Perhaps tie it in for updates every census year?  A
Baronial Census... what a lovely idea.  We know how many people with
memberships we have in the barony, but the barony is far larger than just
our active (paid) memberships...



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