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This is a cute little poem that I had never read before. I know some
groups do have a lot of problems with this but I am glad that we do have
so many people involved and doing stuff!

Thanks everyone!


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Got this off of another group's list:

Are You An Active Member?

Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed,
or are you just contented that your name is on the list?

Do you attend our meetings, and mingle with the flock?
or do you meet in private and criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part to help the work along,
or are you satisfied to be the kind who "just belong"?

Do you work on our committees to see there is no trick,
or leave the work to just a few and talk about the clique?

So come to meetings often, and help with hand and heart,
don't just be a member but take an active part.

Think this over, members, you know what's right from wrong,
are you an active member, or do you "just belong"?

Author Unknown
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