[Namron] Anyone interested in putting together a new pop list?

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You could make a voluntary list with contact info and interests, where people can put exactly as much information as they're comfortable with on there. I don't think that there are so many people in Namron that you'd need a drill-down for it. :P

If it is on the website or in a pdf, then the Search function would work if people want to find something as specific as 'Swedish'.

I'd like to see something detailed like that on a Kingdom-scale, though...

-R the O


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That's a lot more ambitious than I was thinking of.  I just want an updated PRINT list of names, addresses and phone numbers.

Also, personally, some of that information on me I don't want on a website.


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Splindid idea Wolfgang!!  Now that is MY kind of census.  Interest would be a terrific category.  Helping to identify those that might want to help with a project.


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Hi Melina

That sounds like a great idea.  For our purposes, the Census would key on collecting information concerning location and interests of members rather than just the standard demographics.  Perhaps a “living map” could be generated showing where folks live and identify areas of the Barony where recruiting needs to be concentrated.  If someone could apply the right computer programming, imagine how fun an interactive map/list would be identifying our folks by persona geography and timeline, especially if that could be projected to a Kingdom level!  For example, I could ask the program to identify early-mid 16th Century Personas and then key it down to Germans, English and Swiss.  Therefore, we’d be combining a mundane Census with a Period Census.


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