[Namron] OT - Sewing Machines For Kids

Monica Ball mrsjacq at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 19:12:14 PDT 2010

The age of the child that will be sewing is a consideration but "child"
> sewing machines are not worth it imho. Why spend money on a machine that is
> designed to break and not last very long, when you can spend the same 100
> dollars or less  and get a used machine that will last.  What I would
> recommend is look in the pawn shops, and thrift stores for a "White" brand
> or "Singer" brand machine that is basic. It should have a straight stitch
> and a zig-zag stitch. Metal construction is important for keeping the
> machine from wiggling and walking while it is being used. Test it to see if
> it runs in the store, it may need to to be serviced but that is not very
> expensive. I learned on my mother's "old" machine which had 2 stitches but
> was reliable. If your child takes off with sewing then eventually you can
> help them pick a fancier machine but the two is all you need to begin with.

Monica Ball

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