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I personally own and have tried to make garb on a kids sized sewing machine.  It was OK for a T-tunic, but ohhh... My aching back from bending down to sew due to the size difference in the machine. 

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Terick is eleven now, but he started sewing at about seven on my machine.  A good starter machine for a child is the same as one for an adult.  Of course there is just something adorable about those little machines put out for kids.  It is something like the appeal of the easy bake oven. J My kids all cook in my regular kitchen, but I have been tempted by the cuteness of the easy bake more than once. 


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The age of the child that will be sewing is a consideration but "child" sewing machines are not worth it imho. Why spend money on a machine that is designed to break and not last very long, when you can spend the same 100 dollars or less  and get a used machine that will last.  What I would recommend is look in the pawn shops, and thrift stores for a "White" brand or "Singer" brand machine that is basic. It should have a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch. Metal construction is important for keeping the machine from wiggling and walking while it is being used. Test it to see if it runs in the store, it may need to to be serviced but that is not very expensive. I learned on my mother's "old" machine which had 2 stitches but was reliable. If your child takes off with sewing then eventually you can help them pick a fancier machine but the two is all you need to begin with.  

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