[Namron] [Ansteorra-archery] for those that still wonder ; )

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 04:31:02 PDT 2010


Glad to hear they were out practicing! Namron and Wiesenfeuer held a 
joint practice yesterday at their range so that people could get away 
scores. Since there was going to be a larger group and just for the fun 
of it we grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs, had lots of water, chips, 
snacks, and lots of fun!

Colette was especially happy as she was able to shoot a 60 on the RR and 
raise her level to that of Yeoman! Congratulations to Colette!


ld.blackmoon wrote:
> greetings
>  for those that still wonder why the famed northkeep archers keep 
> winning tourneys both in and out of kingdom.....
> missile practices started at noon , temp in shade was 101 deg f. ( not 
> counting heat index )
> 4 archers on site
> 3:15 pm practice still going on 6 archers on site ( temp in shade has 
> cooled to a measly 98 deg f. not counting heat index )
> what it boils down to is not rain nor sleet, nor cold , nor even heat 
> can keep a northkeep archer from practicing = )
> so now you know , practice, practice , practice !!!! : )
> Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
> Arthur

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