[Namron] Plume Submission / Boiler Plate for Thrown Weapons

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 09:05:56 PDT 2010

Greetings! My name is Lord Vincenti da Murano and I am the Baronial 
Thrown Weapons Marshal for the Barony of Namron.

The use of Thrown Weapons started back in the stone age. Archaeological 
evidence indicates that Neanderthals employed a wooden spear as a 
thrusting weapon, while Cro-Magnons used the spear for throwing at both 
human and animal targets. From these primitive beginnings, weapons and 
styles evolved in to a variety of forms. The primary ones that we use in 
the SCA are the knife, axe, and spear.

During our practice people not only get to work on their skills for each 
of the weapons at a variety of distances but we share ideas and styles. 
I work with new people on the best throwing techniques for each of them 
and how to find your correct throwing distance and style.

Our Thrown Weapons practice is scheduled on the first and 3rd Sunday of 
every month at 12:30pm to 2pm, at the home of Lord Kristen, located at 
19300 SE 149th Street, Newalla, OK 74857-5307. The entrance is 
immediately past Red Oak Lane on the south side.

Loaner gear is available so come out and enjoy!

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