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Greetings all!
It seems I was remiss in my previous e-mail and I owe our wonderful June Garb and Grub archery champion, Lord Vincinti, an apology. I forgot to mention that he will be hosting the archery championship at the July Garb and Grub this weekend. Congratulations on your win last month Lord Vincinti and good luck to all of the archers who will compete for the honor to be the July Garb and Grub champion!
Baronessa Caterina 

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Greetings All,  
This Sunday we will hold a Garb and Grub at the Masonic lodge in Norman from 12PM till 4PM! 

The trailer is already loaded, so no reason meet at the shed, but if you can meet to help set up that would be good. The set up crew will meet at the Masonic Lodge at 11 a.m. 

The event will feature a rapier tournament hosted by last month's rapier tournament winner Lord Jacques, and a heavy tournament hosted by last month's heavy winner Lord Enyon. It will also feature archery and A and S classes will also be held. Last month we had glass bead making and drumming, so come on out and see what wonderful A and S activities we have this month. 

Also please remember to bring a chair, bug spray, sunscreen, cold drinks, and a dish to share. 

I look forward to seeing you all there!
Baronessa Caterina



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