[Namron] OT: Free Clothes

Jacqueline Reynolds jacqueline.reynolds.namron at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 08:13:06 PDT 2010

Anyone who wants or needs any men's clothing, please contact me ASAP.   
Clothing articles available are:

Dress Long Sleeve Shirts--18 1/2 neck
Dress Pants (Sizes 44 - 48--Mostly larger sizes) Most of them are black
Cargo Pants (Sizes 44 - 48)
Casual Shirt--XXL
Business Suit (Most likely size 46 - 48 Regular) Dark Gray Pinstripe
Short sleeved knit dress shirt

Please call or e-mail ASAP.  These clothes need to go to a good home  
this weekend.  If not claimed, they will go to a clothing donation box  
on Monday.


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