[Namron] Off Topic: Classic WoD Vampire LARP starting in OKC

Antigonus Bearbait bardsatlarge at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 7 11:01:33 PST 2010

Greetings, all!

Tiggy here.

I know there are some Classic World of Darkness fans out there in our local SCA groups, and I just thought that I would drop a note as a matter of interest.

There is a local group starting up a live action Vampire: the Masquerade game in Oklahoma City.  This will be a regular game running twice a month on Friday evenings.

Details to be found on www.okcbynight.com - there you will find forums & details on rules / character creation.  There is even a version of Grapevine you can download to create your character.

Inquiries can also be made to the Storytellers at:  jason at okcbynight.com and chevy at okcbynight.com.

I have played with this group before, and had a genuinely good time.

The first game is going to be Friday 12 Mar 2010 - yes, that would be Friday of THIS WEEK.  Even if you happen to be away at Gulf War, you can still create a character and jump in.

Much Thanx -

Go well, be well, and stay well.

- Tiggy


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