[Namron] Populace Meeting notes, 02 Mar 10

William Herron fitzbubba at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 13:30:36 PST 2010

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Deputy Seneschal


Populace Meeting - 3/2/10
Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Norman

Starts at 7:48pm.

Baron – there’s a lot of things going on.  If you’re bored, you’re not
paying attention.  Caterina and Orlando were the choice of the Crown
to replace me…they step up at Beltane.

Seneschal – I’m looking for my replacement.  I need a seneschal in
place and ready to go when my warrant expires at year-end.  (Bubba is
not taking over for me.)  We’re going to meet at 9pm tonight at The
Hidden Castle (formerly Buzz’s Subs).  The owner has invited us to
come back…no charge for use of the facility, no requirement to buy
anything while we’re there.

Treasurer - $8,200 in uncommitted funds.  We’re going to spend not
more than $500 to replace the center poles for the three GP mediums.
This should extend their lives by 5-10 years.

Herald – if you need any heraldry stuff done (name, device submission,
etc.), let me know.

Chronicler – I still need applications for my replacement.

A&S Minister – there will be an A&S competition at Beltane.  We’ll
also do an A&S display at Medieval Faire.

Rapier Marshal – we haven’t practiced much due to the bad weather.
With weather improving, we should be out more often at practice.

Knights’ Marshal – Practices are going well.  David is my new deputy.

Hospitaler – Thank you for everyone who helped out at the Mardi Gras
parade.  We’ll look at some more benefits for participation next year
(snacks and drinks).  We need new people…if you see someone that’s
new, send them my way.  We need to do a meeting after Medieval Faire
just for the new people.  I need volunteers to work with the new
people.  We also want to get together at Wiesenfeuer Baronial and do
some sewing so that new people can make their own garb.

Archery Marshal – we have new archers, including combat archery.
Margherita is my new deputy.

Thrown Weapons Marshal – I did a site survey for Beltane.  I’m
finishing up another target, so we’ll have three for the Beltane

Web Minister – no “un-obscured” email addresses on SCA web pages.
We’ll look at getting the different officers some namron.ansteorra.org
email addresses, and they can be forwarded to whatever address you
wish.  (The new policy is from the Society Web Minister.)

Orlando – we’re doing a meal plan for Gulf Wars.  If you’re
interested, you need to sign up before we go because we’re taking the
food supplies with us. I have this new piece of garb (didn’t get the
name…Bubba) that Melina made for me, and I wanted to thank her for her

Beltane autocrats – gate sign-up has been started…we’ll post the list
later this week and solicit additional volunteers.  We have a lot of
blank spaces on the Web site where we need information about the
different activities…get those to us.  We’ll have another planning
meeting after Gulf Wars.

Medieval Faire coordinator – Medieval Faire is five days after Gulf
Wars.  Much of our stuff will go from Gulf Wars directly to Medieval
Faire.  We’re still looking for a site for the after-Faire revel.
There will be work nights at Norman High School on Wednesday the 3rd
and the 10th.  I want to do set up on Thursday night of Medieval
Faire…need help at the shed at 6pm, and on-site at 6:30pm.

Wolfgang – I’m working with the Census this year.  Please look for
your forms and get them filled out and sent in around April 1st.
There are plenty of jobs available…if you’re looking for work, please
see me and I’ll send you to the right place.

Linus – need ribbons for the May Pole at Beltane.  14 feet long, 2-5”
wide, about 16 total.  Some people like to put names on the ribbons as
a memorial.

Annabelle – robotics competition at Norman High School this weekend.
A couple of our children will be participating.

Shameless – I want to have an all-female fighting squad for
Bordermarch Autumn Melees.  See me if you’re interested.

Ended at 8:33pm

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