[Namron] Good tidings from Gulf Wars!

Lord Orlando Di Gilead orlando at agilejedi.com
Sun Mar 21 09:53:08 PDT 2010

Greetings Namron!

The Trimarian hordes have been repelled and our kingdoms are at peace
once again! Wielding sword, rapier, spear and crossbow, Namron's storm
guard stood strong against a formidable foe and proved our barony's
value in the defense of Ansteorran lands. So, I request a small
indulgence of time that I may regale you with a few stories from the
war effort.

We stood side-by-side with our brothers and sisters of the north.
While the large shields graciously donated by Moonshadow proved very
effective against our enemies it was their discipline and dedication
that inspired us most. The ferociousness of our brothers and sisters
in house wolfstar embolden us to inflict a horrible toll upon those
who would oppose our advances. Tactical leadership from Baron Facon of
Northkeep and Baron Brom of Eldern Hills gave us confidence in our
strategy while General D'Alder's command presence inspired us to press
on whether we faced sword or spear or the mighty Trimarian seige

Our forces were fully tempered and qualified this week. The war
training provided by Master Aethelston and Lord Alexander served us
well. I thank them both.

Of course no army is effective without a strong support organization.
While truth of cause fed our spirit the lady's of Namron fed our
hunger. Each day we were treated to sandwiches, chips and fruits on
the field! Suffices to say, our allies were somewhat jealous of the
great treatment Namron received.

Finally, just as barding and tack adorn a war horse, our war efforts
were adorned with great news of HL Tadg's upcoming elevation to the
Order of the Laruel! His vigil will be held during revel at Beltane
and his elevation at coronation.

No single missive could hope to sufficiently regale all the great
deeds of this last week. So, I will finish here and follow with other
writings as time permits.

Vivat Namron! Vivat Ansteorra!

Lord Orlando Giovanni Di Gilead
Cadet to Don Elric Dracwin
Commander, Northern Regional Rapier
Heir to the Barony of Namron


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