[Namron] Home Alive

Robert Atwood rob at mummersguild.com
Mon Mar 22 06:42:30 PDT 2010

We were glad to hear you were safe, first, then elated to hear you were coming home!  Take care, you two!

-Robert and Melina
On Mar 21, 2010, at 10:14 PM, Elric Dracwin wrote:

> Greetings All,
> HE Dominique and I had a wreck on I-20 near Texas 110 (Rosenfeld). With a
> trailer attached we spun out at 70 MPH sliding sideways off the interstate
> and into the trees. Neither of us sustained any serious injury, just a
> couple of minor nicks and sore muscles. Our truck and trailer may be totaled
> but were in good enough condition to tape up and drive home. Love that duck
> tape.
> Words alone cannot describe the love in our hearts for our fellow
> Ansteorrans. Duchess Ebergardis von Zell and HL Ettienne du Valmont
> contacted the great people of Rosenfeld. Several rushed to the crash site
> with tools and a trailer, lent me a coat and gloves, got Domi out of the
> cold, helped tie everything down and offered any and all assistance
> possible. Food and crash space were provided by HE Tostig Logiosophia and
> Mistress Rhiannon ferch Cian. Their Excellencies Brom O'Brien and Audrella
> de Lyon adjusted their travel schedule to follow us most of the remainder of
> the trip and ensure the temporary fixes held and we were safe. Thanks to all
> who helped in any and all ways. May your generosity and kindness be
> multiplied a thousand-fold and showered upon you.
> In Love and Service,
> Elric Dracwin and Dominique LeVesseur
> Baron and Baroness of Wiesenfeuer
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