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Try painting on the paper before you try anything else.  Most Canson drawing paper doesn't handle water well and it gets all wavy.  If the paper you have is sturdy enough for paint, try doing calligraphy on it.  A medium tooth refers to how rough the paper is and how much it grabs pastels or colored pencils.  Too much tooth makes calligraphy hard, it causes the nib to catch and spatter.  I usually use hot press water color paper for scrolls, however Strathmore bristol paper in the plate finish works very well too.
HL Oriana Corbizzi

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Greetings & a bright, sunny, morning Salutation to Everybody!!
I have a question for our local calligraphy elite.  Is doing calligraphy on regular drawing paper good, bad, difficult or nearly impossible?  Should the calligraphy be done before or after the scroll as been painted or does it matter?  The paper I'm reffering to was bought at the Ho-Lo and it's Canson's Drawing paper "a medium tooth paper"..... not sure how teeth are invovled but that would be an interesting story to hear.
Thanks for any & all input,
Ly Shanna
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