[Namron] Medieval Fair

Elric Dracwin dracwin at cox.net
Tue Mar 23 19:39:33 PDT 2010

Greetings Wiesenfeuer and Namron,

Due to our wreck, Domi and I will be limited in our ability to transport and
manage things at the Medieval Fair. We will be there each day but probably
not all day. Our truck and trailer are both out of commission. Our personal
tent's ridge pole is broken and usable this year so we will use the
Wiesenfeuer baronial pavilion for the dancers.

Domi has mild whiplash and some spinal alignment problems that are being
corrected. She will not be able to manage the drum and dance area this year.
Fortunately I do not have any injuries but we only have 1 working vehicle.
HL Kajira has agreed to manage the drum and dance area but will not be there
on Friday. She can use all the help that can be offered.

We call upon our populace and those of our neighbors to help us make this a
successful Medieval Fair for the drum and dance area. Ian has offered to
help get the pavilion stuff there. We could use help with setup break down
and transport back home. Kajira will need help setting up and securing each

In Service,

Elric Dracwin

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