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Lady Adelheid is working on kids prize baskets.  If anyone would like to donate an item for these baskets it would be much appreciated!

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Beltane Planning meeting notes from 3/29/2010
 We had a total of 18 people in attendance.
      General announcement, the kitchen manager got his dates mixed up so 
 we were not able to order any drinks or food there as planned. They will 
 have it ready for us on Saturday, April 3rd, at 10:00am. The newcomers 
 meeting will be at 1:00pm but we are going to have people there starting 
 at 10:00am to work on tent painting and tent pole sorting and marking.
      Lord Vincenti and Lady Margherita conducted meeting and had site 
 diagrams and event schedules ready for everyone.
      Baron Donnchadh noted that the Kingdom calendar did not show that 
 Beltane was also an investiture. Ld Vincenti said that he would check in 
 to it.
      Ld Vincenti noted that there were still a number of areas on the 
 Beltane website that were blank and that more information was needed 
 from the people that were running the activities to fill them in.
      Ld Margherita passed around a gate shift form for people to sign up 
 on if they wanted to.
      The Landed Nobles Breakfast and Lunch is being run by Lord 
 Christian. He still needs to coordinate with Colette and Tigernach some 
 on a couple of the menu items.
      Tavern for Breakfast and Lunch is being run by Colette and 
 Tigernach. The menu and pricing is almost finished and will be sent in 
 shortly to have posted on the Beltane website.
      Morning Court and Investiture. Our great and illustrious Baron 
 Donnchadh is stepping down after serving the barony for more than 3 
 years! Our new Baron & Baroness Lord Orlando and Lady Caterina will be 
 stepping up. They said that there ceremony is being organized and that 
 those that will be in it are being contacted individually to make sure 
 they are ready.
      A&S Championship will be held in the Nature Center and is being run 
 by Lady Veronique. No set theme for the championship.
      Brewing Championship will be held in the Nature Center and is being 
 run by Lord Matthias. Matthias was unable to attend the meeting.
      Spang Hewing / May Pole is being hosted by Lord Linus. Our May Pole 
 was stolen at last year's Beltane so Linus has secured a suitable 
 replacement for this year and is looking for a long term replacement.
      Thrown Weapons will be run by Lord Ottokar our current Thrown 
 Weapons Champion. He is working with our Thrown Weapons Marshal, Lord 
 Vincenti, to make sure that there 3 targets this year instead of 2 so we 
 can have 3 people throwing at the same time.
      Children's & Youth Archery will be held just prior to the Adult 
 Championship. All children in the Children's category will receive a prize.
      Archery Championship will be run by our current champion Lord 
 Laurence. Lord Laurence is currently working on targets and final shoot 
 plans with our Archery Marshal, Lord Robert, to make sure that 
 everything is ready to go.
      Celtic Games will be run by Lord Wolfgang and will include such 
 things as the Caber toss and stone throw.
      Tavern Brawl will be run by our Rapier Marshal, Lord Jacques. This 
 should be a fun event to watch
      Dragon Melee is being run by our Knight's Marshal, Lord Alexander. 
 Details will be posted on the event website in the near future and 
 Alexander is working on getting everything ready for the event. 
 Alexander was unable to attend the meeting but his deputy Lord Eynon was 
 in attendance for him.
      Feast, is being prepared under the direction of HL Tadhg and has a 
 Roman and Italian theme flavor to it in honor of our newest Baron & 
 Baroness. Recipes have been tested and taste great. The menu has already 
 been submitted and is posted on the website.
      Evening Court, this will be the first full court for our new Baron 
 & Baroness.
      Bardic Championship will be conducted by Lord Lucas. As this is a 
 selection process and is more subjective than many of the other areas, 
 our new Baron & Baroness will make the final determination on the winner 
 of this competition. They have stated that they would like this to be a 
 happy and cheerful event so they are looking for pieces that are happy, 
 funny, and/or inspirational in nature.
      HL Tadhg's Vigil is being hosted by Mistress Alix. Alix said that 
 she has everything she needs at this time for the vigil. Tadhg will be 
 sitting vigil as he prepares to enter the Order of the Laurel.
      Donnchadh's "Don't let the door hit you in the ." Revel is being 
 run by Jennifer. She was unable to attend the meeting but said that she 
 has arranged some of the items and is still working on some of them. If 
 you are interested in helping her with this project please contact her 
 at (405) 283-0713.
      Nastycrat is being run by Lord Linus and Lord Eynon. Linus was 
 unable to attend but Eynon was in attendance and said that they would be 
 Lady Margherita de Mantua
 Lord Vincenti da Murano
 Beltane Co-Autocrats
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